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Brazil Peacock Bass Fly Fishing

You have heard the stories about the aggressive peacock bass genus Cichla and their fierce, set-your-heart-pounding strikes. One of our real specialties at Rod & Gun Resources is carefully organizing peacock bass fly-fishing trips to the rainforest in Brazil for this great gamefish. We have sent literally hundreds of serious peacock bass fly-fishing anglers to Brazil over the last decade and we know the rivers and lagoons where large populations of trophy peacock bass live virtually unmolested. On our trips, many of the peacock bass you cast to have never seen a fly or popper.

Rod & Gun Resources’ fishermen commonly catch 30 to 40 peacock bass each day from three- to six-pound "butterflies" to the eight- to 25-pound "barred" or "paca" peacocks and there is always the chance for a real monster. We offer the best peacock bass fly-fishing in Brazil, both for numbers and size of fish.

"Imagine casting to a submerged tree limb in a quiet lagoon with a large 3/0 orange and white deceiver fly. Suddenly you see a gigantic swirl and feel a strong yank on your 40-pound tippet fly line that bends your rod all the way down to the cork handle. The giant peacock makes an unstoppable run for cover, burning your hand as line rips off the reel. The big fish leaps into the air. After ten minutes of unpredictable acrobatics and antics, your guide finally manages to net your trophy—an 18-pound trophy peacock bass."
– JW Smith, Texas

The keys to this extraordinary peacock bass fishing are threefold. First, anglers are whisked via Cessna Caravan floatplane or wheelplane aircraft and fast boat directly from the Manaus, Brazil airport to pristine fishing locations far (often hundreds of miles) from the overfished melee of competing lodges and houseboats and delivered right to their camp. Secondly, the "Cabin Barge" concept is a breakthrough in placing comfortable air-conditioned accommodations in previously inaccessible locations. Each set of barges draws about six inches of water, which enables us to travel virtually anywhere, navigating natural barriers such as rocky rapids and too-shallow river mouths. Thirdly, we fish the exclusive waters of Indian Reserves so there is no competition from other outfitters. The combination of fly-in, camp mobility, and exclusive waters eliminates competition from other fishermen, whether they are sportsmen or native fishermen. Consequently, this is your best chance for the best in peacock bass fishing success.

This is the best trophy peacock bass fly fishing trip with experienced guides and a highly professional outfitter.

"Our fly-fishing group came back extremely impressed with your program. We caught many fish and many big fish. Benny, my guide, was head and shoulders above any guide or fisherman I have ever met. His eyes were like radar. The meals were exquisitely prepared and I should have married Ruth, our cook, and brought her back to the States with me. Our best peacock bass fly-fishing trip ever."
– Barry Reynolds, Colorado

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River Plate Anglers, Brazil-trophy peacock bass fly fishing: $5595 plus $750 float plane charter (if required) per angler per week for the Barge Camps - Exclusive Rivers. The trips are currently Saturday to Saturday, subject to change. Air travel from Miami to Manaus, Brazil, is usually around $1000 round-trip. Ground transfers are included. The program offers 6 to 7 days fishing.
August through February
TRAVEL LOGISTICS (Subject to Change)
Anglers should make their own air travel arrangements from their home city to Manaus, Brazil. Currently, the applicable U.S. to Manaus flight is on American Airlines from Miami, Florida. Fishing dates, once in Brazil, are Saturday to Saturday including the travel to and from the camps.
To start your trip, plan to arrive in Manaus on Friday. Upon arrival, guests are met and transferred to the nearby Caesar Business Hotel (double occupancy) for overnight and rest prior to the air charter to camp. The air charters will depart Manaus around 7 a.m. Saturday, so you must arrive in Manaus on Friday. All guests are returned to Manaus the following Saturday and will go directly to the airport for return flight to the U.S.
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