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The Best Freshwater Multi-Species Fly Fishing on Earth

Tropical fresh water multi-species angling is fly fishing’s amazing new frontier! Over the last decade intrepid international fly fisherman have discovered a world of exciting hard-fighting acrobatic fish that take large deceiver/minnow pattern flies readily and with great aggression. Explosive, hard-hitting peacock bass, payara (saber-tooth river tigers), surubi (exotic catfish that rip off line like giant bonefish), corvina and pacu are just a few of the more spectacular quarry. The staff of Rod & Gun Resources has led the way in developing this spectacular new fishery and we now offer a proven program of great multi-species fly angling with renowned outfitter, Jorge Molina, and his professional staff, along with good equipment and guides and very comfortable accommodations in the midst of a 4.5 million nature preserve—all just a half-day travel from the U.S.

These fish are not just aggressive, they have size! There are huge numbers of peacock bass (Cichla monoculus) up to 12 pounds, payara from 5 to 30 pounds, pacu from 10 to 20 pounds, corvina from 5 to 10 pounds, and surubi (exotic catfish) from 5 to 50 pounds. All of these fish can be caught in same day. You can land 20 to 30 peacock bass in the morning and 5 or 6 payara in the afternoon, with other great species along the way!

One of the most definitive things that can be said about the size and strength of these fish is that you must use 9 or 10 feet of 20 to 40 pound leader/tippet on an 8, 9 or 10 weight fly rod to land these fish. Even with these heavier fly rods and strong leader/tippets we still have large fish break off and sometimes break rods. Many are hooked, but by no means all are landed…

"Imagine standing in greenish-clear water off a sandy beach at the downstream end of a half-mile long island. As the current swirls gently past your knees you intently study a drop-off pool 50 feet down river where payara gracefully break the surface at regular intervals. You cast your 4/0 red and black spuddler fly toward a gigantic swirl and feel your 40-pound tippet and fly-line yank right down to the reel, bending your rod right down to the cork handle. You set the hook and a gigantic silver payara rockets into the air and crashes back into the pool. The fish instantly makes a nearly unstoppable run, burning your hand and ripping line off the reel – then another leap into the air clearing the water the length of its body and then some. Amazing. After ten or more minutes of aerobatics and successive runs your guide finally nets your trophy – an 18-pound silver streak, A.K.A. payara. You take a deep breath and pause to reflect on what has just happened."
– JW Smith

Caño Negro Lodge has exclusive fishing rights for its entire surrounding 4.5 million acre nature preserve.

Please take a moment and look around the site. Be sure to click on The Slide Show and look at the Lodging and Fishing pages, and then call and learn about Caño Negro in detail from our expert staff —be one of the lucky anglers to experience the best multi-species fly fishing trip on Earth with knowledgeable guides, attentive staff and world-class outfitter.

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Peacock bass fly fishing, payara fly fishing and fly fishing for other exotic species: Four days $3995, six/seven days $5295 (air charters included in the price). Four day minimum, double occupancy. Example of a four day sequence is: fishing the arrival afternoon, then three full days, then fishing the departure morning, lunch and departure.
Mid-July through November
Santa Cruz, Bolivia is easily reached via flight service from Miami on American Airlines (one stop in La Paz) or from Houston or Miami on COPA Airlines (one stop in Panama City). From there, anglers are met and transferred in Bolivian Adventures' private air charters. The flight to the fishing area is around two hours.
Be sure to click on the PDF link above to view our Bolivia Planning and Packing Information. References are available upon request.